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Linen Spray 2 pack plus FREE Refresher

For the month of July - buy 2 Linen Sprays and receive a FREE Fabric Refresher!

LINEN SPRAY: A quick spritz of one of our linen sprays refreshes all your bedding with an amazing scent. It can be misted on linen and laundry, or used as an ironing spray to keep your linen refreshed and less wrinkled. It can also refresh hard-to-wash items, like comforters and pillows, between washings. Plus, it's great for refreshing towels and shower curtains as well. Ideal for any room and can even be sprayed in your car!

Size: 16 fl oz/473 ml

Made with: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Alcohol, High Quality Essential Oils and Fragrances

For your carpet: Eliminate deep down odors on carpets and rugs, and freshen your home. Simply sprinkle on carpet and allow to sit for 15-20 minutes. Vacuum thoroughly and enjoy a clean fresh scent!

For your laundry: Bring joy to laundry day! Add 2 heaping tablespoons at the start of the laundry cycle and let our fabric refresher soften your fabric and add a great scent with our concentrated fragrances. A wonderful scent booster.

Size: net wt 20oz/567 g

Made with: Sodium Bicarbonate, High Quality Essential Oils and Fragrances