About Us

the Mountain Mist handmade studio

Mountain Mist was founded in 2005

Having a crafty mother, I'd had her same interest in learning how to do things---baking, canning, crocheting, jewelry-making, etc. I had at one point bought a book on soap-making and began experimenting with soap recipes. The hobby really took off in 2004 as an escape from my corporate job. With soap lying around literally everywhere, I decided to use all of the skills I had picked up to start my own company. Mountain Mist was born. A year and a half after starting my company, I was able to leave my corporate job.

Mountain Mist began in my dining room in Asheville, NC. It has grown over the years - including a storefront in North Asheville in 2010 and 2011. In 2012, Mountain Mist relocated to the other side of the mountain in East Tennessee where it thrives in its current location on my property. While the studio is not open to the public, we do a variety of craft and holiday shows throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.

My mother was always tinkering around and figuring out how to do things and make things. I followed along, teaching my self to bake bread, can fruits and vegetables, make jellies, make jewelry, crochet--I just liked figuring things out. That interest branched into making soap, lip balms, and lotions. I have spent countless hours studying oils and butters and developing new formulas.

Lip balm was one of my first products and the formula remains the same since I first began Mountain Mist. Shea Soap followed quickly. Heat was a private formula I developed for my own sore back. Word got out about this magic balm at the shows, and soon exhibitors and eventually customers were asking for this "secret product" until we officially rolled it out in 2007. Over the years we have introduced new products and scents, and discontinued others. Anyone remember Green Tea, Brown Sugar & Fig, Woodstock, Passion...?

I can't wait to see how Mountain Mist grows in the future. I have a stellar line up of shows for this year and am looking to add additional new ones. Here's to 2023 and beyond!

Susan, owner